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Get to know Camden's state election candidates

Mar 8, 2019

Sally Quinell (Labor), Andrew Simpson (Independent) and Karen Stewart (Greens) will be in attendance. Peter Sidgreaves (Liberal) has advised he has another commitment that evening. This is a free event.


Spring Farm Parkway plans divide pollies

Mar 8, 2019

However, Camden independent candidate Andrew Simpson said the delivery of link road was overdue and pointed out that the stretch of road planned for stage 1 had actually shrunk since the first announcement was made in 2015.


Liberal candidates noticeably absent from forum

Mar 7, 2019

Camden independent candidate Andrew Simpson spoke strongly about how the growth of Camden in particular is now developer-led, rather than best-practice town planning concepts.


Glenlee sand processing plant proposal a danger to the community: candidate

Mar 4, 2019

Not good enough: Camden independent candidate Andrew Simpson thinks a sand processing plant will damage Macarthur's environment.

Growth predicted, but transport options lagging

Mar 1, 2019

Due to State Government bureaucracy, neglect and contempt, the Camden electorate is particularly poorly serviced with public transport options


Leppington Station carpark could triple, says candidate

Feb 22, 2019

The parking woes of Leppington Station could be a thing of the past, with one state candidate claiming the government could triple the number of spaces with minimal delay.


OPINION | Mission impossible or not?

Feb 22, 2019

In Camden, there's local bloke Andrew Simpson, a relative unknown until last year when he helped spearhead the community fight against the planned M9 Orbital (conveniently shelved until the state and federal elections are safely over).


Camden independent candidate wants public transport hub built at Glenlee

Feb 22, 2019

Andrew Simpson thinks Camden's public transport issues will go from bad to worse if action isn't taken soon.


National Parks Association to host Macarthur candidate forum

Feb 13, 2019

The candidates are: Camden - Peter Sidgreaves (Liberal), Sally Quinnell (Labor), Andrew Simpson (Independent) and Karen Stewart (Greens).


CCTV camera promise for Macarthur region

Feb 6, 2019

Camden state Independent candidate Andrew Simpson said the program had parallels to George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

“There should be a considered approach to ensuring that the public is kept safe, but at the same time keeping inherent privacy rights.”


The rise and rise of independents

Jan 29, 2019

More independents are expected to put their hands up in Macquarie Fields, Campbelltown and Camden (where Andrew Simpson is running off the back of the M9 Orbital mess) by the time nominations close at noon on March 6.



Action group co-founder nominates for state election

Jan 21, 2019

Cobbitty father-of-three and Outer Sydney Orbital Macarthur Action Group co-founder Andrew Simpson, 41, announced on Sunday he would run as an independent candidate to contest the seat of Camden at the upcoming election.


Independent candidate announces grab for Camden state seat

Jan 21, 2019

Andrew Simpson has announced his campaign for the Camden state seat.