WHat andrew stands for

The key issues for Camden that Andrew will fight for.

Camden has seen significant growth and change, especially in the last decade, and more so since the last State election.

I support appropriate development, however the scale, density and implementation of the development we have so far seen has not always been delivered in either the correct time frame or location.

We are yet to see public education, public health, public transport and other essential services be provided at the same rate as the residential growth, and this is placing undue strain on our teachers, students, families, health professionals and other core members of our society.

There are significant major changes still ahead of us, and it is time for Camden to have a say on how this occurs.

I will be providing more detail on proposed solutions to meet the needs of the community.

This will be based not just on the usual catchphrases of campaigns, but what the electorate really needs and deserves right now.


New emergency services buildings and staff to be provided for ambulance, fire, police and a new local public hospital with appropriate emergency facilities.


Efficient and effective public transport including at least one immediate new train station with parking and express buses running from local hubs to key areas.



More local public schools to be delivered concurrently with new estates and population growth, and better post school educational opportunities for all.



Transparency, integrity and true community involvement in planning at local and state level.



Appropriate water management to guarantee our critical drinking water supply and greater consideration to flooding and waste water planning.



A diverse local economy, with growth in strategic parts of the Electorate in agribusiness, emerging technologies, education, health and retail.



Protection and promotion of our unique living history and rural heritage, with strong commercial, hospitality, rural and tourism opportunities.