Please click on the donate button above or here to help us with the purchase of flyers, shirts, digital ad spend, election posters and how to vote cards. Your financial contribution no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated.

All remaining funds after Election Day will be donated to Society 389 Charity Club.

Society 389 are a Charity Club that provides financial support to kids with a disability, the disadvantaged and sick children that need help to further their development.

Society 389 doesn’t have their name up in lights, mostly going under the radar.

They never give cash instead purchase wheelchairs, computers, motor vehicles, including playground equipment and provide airfares and accommodation for families going interstate for surgery.

Society 389 is 100% volunteer.

They are a local bunch of tradies and business people.

More information here


Please complete the form below if you can help at any stage, either in the lead up to, or on, election day.

Any amount of time is very much appreciated.

We need your assistance in neighbourhood letterbox drops, market and street stalls, handing out flyers and how to vote cards at various polling locations on election day, and scrutineering the votes.

Click here to be informed about upcoming events, including launch event, fundraiser event, meet and greets, and on the street.


Received. Thank you for your kind offer of assistance.

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