Camden community

Camden - The "Best of Both Worlds"...

Whilst it is often said that Camden provides the "Best of Both Worlds", this should refer to not just the town of Camden, however the entire district and electorate.


It is important for Camden to act as a whole, and whilst there can be different strategies for providing a delicate balance between the old and new, they should not, and cannot, be mutually exclusive.

The appeal of driving for 10 minutes in either direction and you’re in the middle of open fields or you’re at one of the largest and newest shopping centres in the region obviously ticks boxes for those looking to settle in the region.

The NSW Government must recognise and maintain the appeal, and productivity, of our rural lands, as well as appropriately locating modern services and conveniences for the community.

The town of Camden should be strongly protected and promoted as "...still a country town" to develop and encourage a diverse local business economy, with strong commercial, hospitality, rural and tourism opportunities. Key growth must be supported in strategic parts of the Electorate in sectors such as agribusiness, education, health, including aged care, and advanced technologies.

I will continue to advocate for appropriately timed and located development, to ensure that vital services are delivered in a complementary manner, rather than the continual game of catch up we are left playing.