Representing the people of Camden, not the major political parties. 

I have never had a career aspiration for politics.

With significant issues and challenges facing Camden right now, and in the future, I am eager to be an authentic advocate for the community without having to tow the line of a party.

​With over twenty years of commercial IT experience, I have worked in small and medium businesses, as well as national and global corporations.

Owning and running a small business in Camden, I very much appreciate the struggle of local retail, and the impacts of poor planning in this space.

In March 2018, my wife, Jess, and I, started the Outer Sydney Orbital Macarthur Action Group on Facebook to inform and unite the Camden, and wider, communities about the Outer Sydney Orbital (M9) and freight rail proposal to carve through much of Camden, and beyond.

As a result of this group, I spent countless hours researching, lobbying, speaking with the media, rallying the community and working with Government and local representatives to secure a better outcome for the people of Camden and Wollondilly.

I have always been committed to community organisations, and taken leadership opportunities in business.

It is time that Camden had an independent representative at a State level.

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